Learning Adobe Illustrator for CorelDRAW users

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there are any resources available for CorelDraw users trying to learn Adobe Illustrator. Google has proven fruitless, as it just returns a list of debates about the merits of both pieces of software. I don't care which one is better - I use Draw and want to learn Illustrator too in case I need to use it in the future.

Ideally, I'd like to find a chart along the lines of "INSTEAD OF THIS -> DO THIS". Quick and simple.

- Lex

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P.S. A preferences file for Illustrator with all of CorelDraw's shortcuts mapped to the equivalent commands would be helpful too, but I may be asking to much :-)

- Lex

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Lex, why would you want to? CorelDraw has a single tool which can add or delete, align, scale and/or rotate nodes, plus define line segments as line or curve and connections as smooth, sharp or symmetrical...

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Lex, I did teach both apps and never saw any material like this. It seems the rivalry between CD and IL users made no one considerer there are people who want to know both.

Did you try to get an advice at Adobe forums?

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Nick - That's the kind of comment I keep finding on the 'net! :-) I love CorelDraw too - I've been using it for half my life - but I'd like to have some familiarity with Illustrator too. Plus, every time I want to use advanced OpenType features, I have to start up Illy, export the text, then import it back into Corel.

Igor - Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I should have posted there after I couldn't find anything :-)

- Lex

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Related (although I realize this doesn’t address your problem, Lex):
There is a FreeHand to Illustrator [CS2] Migration Guide [PDF, 6.5 MB], and a related Technical Resource paper [PDF, 0.4 MB].

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there are some nice video tutorials here.

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