Script for brand identity

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I'm working on the branding of a music related company. I started to design this script. I have a few other propositions, but anyhow, I might develop this font further. Any comments will be appreciated.


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It's well exectuted, but I think you should show more glyphs to give a better idea of what it could look like.

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Actually, there is no other glyphs right now since it was made for a logotype. I just tought it has the potential to go further.

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This is probably no help, but I REALLY LIKE IT! The image caught my eye on my blogroll and I thought: oooh, new font? Download! But, no, it's in development. It has a nice neo-modern (is that even a word???), nostalgic-yet-novel look to it. The only piece of feedback I could maybe give is that something about the "a" and the "d" are too ordinary to me...maybe if there was a TAD more "character" to them (excuse the pun). For example, I feel that the "a" seen alone could be confused with many other fonts of lesser aesthetic value than yours here. The "d" also feels like it could be a little more unusual, but not too frilly. The "K" and the "f" are my favorites. OK, I apologize if that was completely unhelpful.

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Thanks a lot Bernard and Jeanne. I still don't know what's going to happen. I'm showing a bunch of logotypes mockups to my client on thursday, but I should definitely develop this solution as a typeface. Never designed a script before though. I'm already a bit familiar with OpenType's discretionary ligatures and alternates, it might help.

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