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I'm doing a logo for a stand-up comedian 'Anders Helenius'. Been struggling with this one, tried various concepts without any result but now I think I have something that will work.

A smile and "vibrating/shaking" text. I'm designing the website as well and we're going for a "street" feeling so I'd like to convey the same message for the logo, bold and rough. This is the first version with my new concept. It might have a bit of a "wild west" feel to it.

Any feedback appreciated

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For some reason, it looks like a sports team type to me.

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It looks a bit like a misprint to me, I'm afraid.

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To capture a sense of vibration, maybe you need to make it less predictable. It seems like it is just expanding at the ends. I'd be making it less regular and creating some more movement.

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yeah the client did not like the idea of laughter. Gonna do something else.

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We have a new concept now.

Wings to represent where he comes from (they use them as part of their coat of arms)
A microphone for sand-up and an monogram which is going to be set in a distressed style kinda thing to represent him on stage.

Having problem with the wings. Trying to find something that feels more retro and less airline.

Any thoughts?

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I think it works really well as just the letters and the microphone from the 1st logo. The wings make it too complex and just seem unnecessary.

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I think the microphone is gonna end up to small in the first version. It feels like the mic should be a fairly large part of the symbol. I don't really know how to evolve the first version into something that works. Gonna do some retro wings now though.

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a little more retro feeling going on now.

Got the monogram 'AH' in there as well. Not that visible which is good.

Not so sure if I should add the distressed touch to it yet. Prob won't work so well just on the 'H' but maybe on both letters.

Any thoughts on this so far?

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I don't really think the AH in the icon is necessary. Furthermore, it looks like AA. But--is it necessary in the first place?

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We are thinking of making a sticker without the 'Anders Helenius' text so then the AH would be nice to have there. I was more worried that it looked like HH instead of AH.

Gonna try and add some colour to it and maybe have the AH as a part of the inside instead of it cutting the wings. Feels like the shape of the mic needs to be cut out like that otherwise the wings become too dominant.

I think I'd like it more advanced though. First thought was a grafitti/stencil kinda thing but I don't think we'll do that any more. The website has that in the menu and the logo kinda disappears when it's all the same.

Will work on the AH though if I decide to keep. Gonna play around with it some more.


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I'm stuck with this version at the moment so I thought I'd post it for some feedback.

This is without the monogram and in colour.

Any feedback appreciated.

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Graphically it's good.
But it gives me a latino rapper or TV preacher type of feeling.

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Totally...the wings...push the concept further.

An airline...which is the journey (Anders takes the audience on), the mic is the vehicle (aeroplane) in this case, or a travel sticker (that you'd see on a suitcase, or bumper bar) give it some real character.

And his name...(the way I'm pronouncing it atleast) sounds like an airline.

I dunno, could be something in it.

Design Studio Melbourne

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Yeah, have to say I'm getting the tv preacher thing as well. I like the concept though, I think Ratbaggy is right on with his ideas on pushing it a bit further. I can almost see this on something like the side of a suitcase as part of the mark.

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Mentioned Ratbaggys idea to the client but he didn't really go for it. Made a quick sketch with the microphone and AH as wings but I didn't really catch my fancy. I think I would have to draw it in more of a 3D view for it to work and that's not really where we want to go.

If it looks like it's for a lation rapper, that's not such a bad thing. Kinda that style we're going for but more rock 'n roll. Showed it to some friends as did the client and they didn't connect the logo with a TV preacher, not even after I mentioned it, I guess that's because that phenomena doesn't really exist in Finland or any of the Scandinavian countries. Here religion is still pretty old fashion. It's a concern but I don't think many Finns will make that connection.

The "sticker on a suitcase" is more of the direction I want. That's the plan as well to make stickers that he can put up where ever he has a gig.

I've made some changes to it though.

He also wanted the logo to portray how his performance evolves or changes, going from nice to angry/critical. So I've split the logo in to parts and added a distressed feeling to one side.

Figured the orange colour might be too "nice" so I've tried using red instead.

Any feedback appreciated, thanks.

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I think you're moving beyond the logo design now. I like the style you've given the logo here for a sticker or a large poster format. How would you do it in solid black? Does distressing work as well in one colour?

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Distressing works fine in one colour. And for a solid colour I'll probably just split it in the middle so that the two sides are obvious. I will increase the distressed part so that it is more obvious in smaller sizes.

Might not even make it one colour at all. This will have a fairly limited usage area and to provide a one colour version might not even be necessary. Or make it so that that only the solid colour version has a line through the middle of the microphone.

Have to check with the client what he wants but everything that he controls the layout of can just use the colour version. This one is also going to have some limitations on what backgrounds it can be used against since there can't be a inverted colour version.

You can have a grayscale version and maybe a semi transparent version instead of a full solid colour. That might work in colour as well, put the right side at 50% for example and then in red or something, then it will appear as it is two colours even if it's not, depending on the background. That might actually be kinda cool. Gonna try it and see how it looks.

thanks, peter.

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Updated versions. Color, inverted, grayscale and solid with half at 85% opacity.

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Reminds me of a recent thread about whether or not to distress type by hand, or by computer. I'm just not digging the soft-focus effect, don't really think it's necessary.

Furthermore, if that's what you go with, check and see how it prints.

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Less is more...

I don't think this is an actual logo anymore. It's a manipulated graphic that is not graceful to various applications. It may be nice for a flyer, but it's not a logo per se.

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I completely disagree that it's not a logo. I've seen logos much more complicated then this, photographic ones for instance. On what application would this not work? I've made a logo for a rock band before that was heavily distressed and that has worked fine for all the applications we've used it, even TV.

The client likes this version, might do some changes to the colour. Gonna think about the soft focus effect, it could be left out. Will try and print it too but as I said I've tried this before and the rock band logo prints fine so there's no reason for this not to.

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I agree with you kattttor, it's certainly a logo. I think it's absurd to say otherwise!

Nice work, too -- I like it a lot. Don't change the colors; they're just perfect IMO. Edgy without being juvenile. Nice job.

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I'd agree with evanbrog on the soft focus, I like the distressed texture but not so much the softness of your later versions. As a whole this has evolved really nicely, solid work!

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Don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about the symbol and the logo aspect of this "logo". I was talking about this colour distressed graphic manipulation that has much less to do with the logo than with presentation of it. A logo is a logo... Marketing material is marketing material.

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I'd definitely lose the soft focus effect.

I'm not sure I get the progression from crisp (on the left) to distressed (on the right) and I don't think the average person would get it either. I know you said it mirrors his act, but I think expressing it this way is reaching. I'd distress the whole thing, or not at all, or have one version distressed and another not.

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I removed the soft focus effect.

I think that after someone seed his show they will understand the why it's split in two like this. If people don't understand it right away that's ok.

thanks for the feedback so far. Will post a link to the website when it's done.

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