(x) Never Mind the Bollocks - various {Mark S}

Here’s an albumcover with different fonts




never mind the letters in SEX PISTOLS.
i reckon it is too tricky even for you guys! Or.. !?

The Queen will give you an MBE if you manage it. Just for the record… i am no queen!!  : )


NEVER MIND is Grotesque 9 or similar.

THE BOLLOCKS is close to Century Schoolbook Bold, but narrower.

All of the type here looks like wood type, maybe clipped from posters. There were wood type versions of many common faces (like Century Schoolbook) which looked noticeably different that what they were supposed to be.

Oh, and HERE’S THE is probably Placard Bold Condensed. If you go to the character map on MyFonts for that, you’ll see that the apostrophe matches.