FontLab: Auto set L/R/LR kern class flags?

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Hi everybody,

is there a way to automatically set L/R/LR kern class flags according to the name using Python?
I'm importing a .ufo back into FontLab, but since .ufo doesn't support the flags the kern classes are unflagged, and I have to manually re-import the kern class files.

Or, in other words: How do I manipulate kern classes of FL font objects anyway?
Only thing I could find is f.classes, which gives a list of classes and members, which is probably editable. But what about the flags?


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I had the same problem, but fortunately there is a solution for this (see the down posts):

regards, em.

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Wow, thank you (+Eigi).

I tried the FLPyDoc, but didn't see this funtion documented.
Btw, I did try to search beforehand. But the search here didn't work :(

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