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(x) Industrial Caps from a Nikon Manual - Futura, Stymie, handdrawn/similar to Refrigerator, Filmotype Glenlake {Lex}

Hello fine typophiles!

I've got an old manual here for a Nikon Motor Drive. I'm entirely enamored of the large, structural capitals reading 'MD-4' - does anyone happen to recognize this face?




No image.

Ah, thanks for the heads up Jan,

Problem solved.

"Motor Drive" is Futura.

"MD-4" is probably hand-drawn.

"INSTRUCTION MANUAL" is Stymie (note that some versions use a different 'R').

- Lex

Thanks for the spotting Lex,

I'm afraid I'll have to extrapolate a few more characters from 'MD-4' then. Any recommendations for a similarly structural face?

- Reed

I'd recommend Filmotype Glenlake from Mark Simonson, even though it's a bit more condensed.

- Lex

Or even Refrigerator from Mark as well.

- Lex