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This is not a logo per se. I'm working on an invitation for a local festival's 75th party. It is a separate event from the festival itself. Since the dogwood festival started in the 1930s, I was thinking that an art deco/streamline design style would be appropriate. My intent was to meld deco/streamline with an organic sensibility. I met with the organizers today and they were excited about this direction as they were also working on a 30s theme with a swing band for the event. Originally I was just working on the words "Dogwood Festival" the client now asked me to add "75th Jubilee". Is it too much in that style? My plan was to have the rest of the invitation copy set in a sans. I am not a type designer - parts of this look like it's working to me, but there are elements that appear awkward. I've been staring at this so long, fresh eyes and some expert advice from the forum would be greatly appreciated.


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When I first looked at it I read "Dogsood testival". I read the 'w' as an 's' because that's how an old italic 's' would look. If you lowered the middle part of the 'w' I prob wouldn't read it as an 's'. Even if you don't read it as an 's' the middle part of the 'w' still seems like it's too high up.

I read 'testival' cus the top thin part of the 'F' kinda disappears when the lower part of the 'g' dominates that area. For some reason the 'F' looks like a small 'f' instead of a capital 'F'.

'Jubilee' looks a little thin.

75th looks nice though and the type overall is very nice. I think it suits the event.

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Don't scale down '75th jubilee'. The stroke weights should all be the same — think of it as if you actually hand wrote this with a pen.

I'd also like to see more interaction between words. Right now they all seem haphazardly nested with each other — and '75th jubilee' definitely looks like an afterthought.

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but it's looking pretty damn cool

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First thanks for the feedback, very perceptive suggestions.

Here's the next round. I tweaked the "w" and re-drew the "F" so it would read as a capital F not lower case. I also worked on the alignment and keeping all of the words the same size and weight.

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