Audebaud Released

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Now available for purchase via YWFT and

Check out MADType for more info.

Audebaud is the first release that contains my new multi-language character set. It covers more languages than Adobe Latin 3.

I am also in the process of updating all of my previously released fonts with various types of fixes. They will all be OpenType, some with more features than others. You should see them up soon.

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Terrific work, congratulations.

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This looks great.

The only character that doesn't fit to my eyes is the 'Q'. Its tail seems a bit odd to me.

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There's an alternate Q that is more "Clarendon" in the OT features. The Q shown is original to the wood specimen. There are also square versions of the i, j, and all of the punctuation for a more primitive feel.

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I was wondering if that were the case — Well done :)

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You should spend some time optimizing your promo images with different antialiasing settings and save-for-web options. What you’re doing now is not doing justice to your letters.

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Thanks for the input, I'll look into it. The images on the YWFT site were not done by me, but the above were.

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I think the issue was that I made the type layouts in Illustrator and then pasted them into photoshop. That doesn't give you much control over aliasing.

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And the best thing about this font is that it has nothing whatsoever to do with Adobe Rosewood Fill.

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Yep, It's got a bit more love put into it than Rosewood Fill and a lower case!

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What I mean by love, some of my favorite glyphs:

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Love that y!

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Late 19th century?
Looks like a late 20th century mash-up!

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