(x) Bold serif similar to ITC Century and Eloquent - Madison aka Century 725 {John Nova, Jan Ż}

Good Morning Typophile,

I'm usually pretty good at identifying typefaces but I've spent a long time searching for this face and I'm stumped. It's very similar to Eloquent from Veer and ITC Century Bold but there are subtle differences to note in the capital R, S, O, W and A among others. Also, this face is wider and slightly heavier than Eloquent and ITC Century Bold.

Those fonts just don't set as nicely in capitals as this face does. Does anyone know what it is?

Thanks for your help!



That's it! Thank you so much!

I thought I had gone through all the variations of Century but I missed that one.

Madison by Heinrich Hoffmeister, 1909
thanks Uli ;)