Mark positioning with FDK

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Dear all,

I tried a mark positioning feature for an arabic font with the latest FDK, but didn't succeed.
Feature looks like this (anchor positions are made up for now), as suggested in the FDK syntax definition:

feature mark {

markClass [uni0651 uni064B] @TOP_MARKS;
position mark [uni0631] mark @TOP_MARKS;

} mark;

But the marks don't position (InDesign CS3 ME 5.0.4)
Edit: the base and mark glyphs now also defined in GDEF/GlyphClassDef, but to no avail.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

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Note to self:

Check InDesign ME tool window "Diacritic Positioning" for value "OpenType" before asking stupid questions on public forums.
Problem solved.

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No, not stupid. Actually useful (of course, *with* your clarification.)


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