(x) Condensed geometric sans caps on book cover: "A Wolf At The Table" by Augusten Burroughs - VF Sans Condensed {self (Yves)}

I give up. I've checked all the usual suspects and am not getting anywhere. I have the nagging suspicion I'm overlooking something really obvious here. :^/


If would re-create this I think I would start with Futura Bold Condensed apply the points on \A\, \N\ and \W\, and lift up the bowl of the \U\. Then use Century Gothic for the \S\.

Although not perfect (especially the weight seems off):

Looks familiar to me, too, and I also can't place it. It does look very much like it was based on Futura Condensed. Where is it from?

The cover is by Chip Kidd, in case someone knows his typical typographic repertoire. You can see the (blurry) lowercase at Amazon. I tried Identifont with the upper and lowercase, but to no avail.

Looks closer to DTL Nobel, but it's still a bit off.

Yeah, DTL Nobel was the closest I got. The S shape made me think it could be Century Gothic Condensed, but no such thing exists.

> Where is it from?

Forgot to link -- still working for the Book Cover Archive.

Augusten Burroughs "A Wolf at the Table", designed by Chip Kidd, as Reed wrote.

If a Nobel, it would be the one from FontBureau, but not exactly either.
But then we don’t know how much has been manipulated...

FontBureau Nobel has flat ends instead of the points.

If one squeezed Littera Plain Bold]... OK, probably not.

Here is a better pic on his official site, and another cover that seems to use the same font, but from 2 decades earlier?

Wolf At The Table

All You Who Sleep Tonight

I think I found it -- I'm pretty sure it's VF Sans Condensed, the custom typeface designed by Terminal Design for Vanity Fair. This is tricky; how did a custom typeface for a magazine end up on a book cover? :^/

Yes indeed. VF Sans Medium Condensed to be exact.

How did a custom typeface wind up on a book cover?

The VF Sans family of types are no longer exclusive to Vanity Fair. VF Sans and VF Sans Condensed are now available. Each has 8 weights with obliques. 32 fonts in all. All with small caps and other OpenType goodies.