What are your favourite fonts?

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Hello people!

I've ever searched the similar topic, at Google, before I post new topic, but there's not a similiar topic to mine, now I'm going to post new topic:

What are your favourite fonts?
My favourite fonts:
— BD Cartoon Shout (the most favourite)
— Bernhard Fashion BT
— Bible Scrt
— Calibri (the most favourite)
— Cambria (the most favourite)
— Candara
— Cartwheel
— Charlotte Sans LET (the most favourite)
— Dakota
— DigitalStrip (the most favourite)
— DraftPunk LTD (the most favourite)
— ElegaGarmnd BT (the most favourite)
— Freehand 575 BT
— Galette (the most favourite)
— Gentium
— Impress BT
— ITC Officina Sans Std and LT [Book]
— Komika Text Kaps (the most favourite)
— Lucida Sans Unicode (the most favourite)
— Myriad (Pro, Web Pro and Bold)(the most favourite)
— Neo Sans Regular (the most favourite)
— OfficinaSanITC (Bol and Boo)(the most favourite)
— Omnes
— Quicksand
— Sans Serif FLF Condensed Italic (the most favourite)
— Segoe Print (the most favourite)
— Segoe Script
— Titilium

Did I have good choices?

And yours?

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Current favorites (although it changes regularly)

- Neo Sans
- Proxima Nova
- Avenir
- Minion
- Arno
- Stone
- Olicana
- Dear Sarah
- Shell

Otherwise, Trajan is a beautiful titling font despite its overuse.

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Hi Gustavo.
My favorites are:

01. Minion Pro
02. Guardian Text
03. Utopia
04. Iowan OldStyle
05. Cartier Pro
06. Novel Pro
07. Tisa Pro
08. Milo Serif
09. Stuart Pro
10. Charter Pro

01. Myriad Pro
02. Argo
03. Apex New
04. Meta Pro
05. Proxima Nova

Another favorites: Toxica, Ex Ponto Pro, Arcana Script, Suomi Script, Clairvaux, Williams Caslon, Futura, Revue, Kinescope and Zapfino.

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Why didn't anybody answer my post? Is it because nobody is interested in my post?

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Similar threads already exist, which isn't surprising.


There are even more threads on more specific questions, like favourite serif faces.

I don't like making lists generally, and I simply haven't used enough typefaces to come up with a list of favourites. I just don't think I can really call a typeface a favourite if I've only ever seen a type specimen on the web.

'Favourite' is subjective and vague, and I think many people here will find this question too broad to answer anyway.

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In no particular order, and all variants of each:
Bookman Old Style
Gill Sans
Baskerville Old Face
Neutra Display-Medium
Trebuchet MS Bold
Lucida Sans Typewriter

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My favorites are:
Sans: Avenir, Houschka, Novecento, Neutraface, Helvetica, Chalet,
Serif: Hoefler, Key, Arno Pro, Perla, Kepler, Warnock Pro
Script: Burgues Script, Candy Script and both La Portenia's
But above all these I adore BRAGA by DS Type!!!

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Currently, Le Monde Journal.

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Tiina from Ourtype
Cycles by Sumner Stone
Expo Serif

FF Kievit
the good old Frutiger and the good old Futura

Heuristica (based on Adobe Utopia)

(disclaimer: I am not a graphic industry professional)

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I'm starting to feel a very strange attraction to Verdana these days.

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Take it to Ikea ;)

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Ha ha, forgot about IKEA...

Verdana Bold, tracking decreased to about 77%, is a...

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Precis! tusend jår på Verdana! (Excuse my really bad swedish).

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Idlewild has also really impressed me. Those figures are no joke.

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Tahoma and Verdana share the same DNA. I fact, most of the MS core fonts are attractive and entirely suitable for their intended purpose, which is the preparation of business documents. In any event, my fave text face remains Poppl Laudatio, while my favorite display face is one of my own…


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Flooce — FYI, the Typophile linking shortcut doesn’t work with https protocol (the “s” throws it off). You have to use standard HTML for those. Thus, your Tiina link, above, doesn’t work.

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Don't wish you wear hot like me, don't ya don't ya!!!!

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I'm always on the lookout for nice new fonts, and of course any given purpose is going to have its own requirements. That said, I do have a short list of useful standbys that I'm personally fond of.

Sans: Frutiger, Futura, Helvetica, Syntax (not too original, am I? <g>)
Serif: Adobe Jenson Pro, Bembo, Centaur, Palatino, Sabon, Schneidler
Japanese: Epson Kyôkasho, Kochi-Subst (or Sazanami) Mincho, M+ 2C

I've never actually tried them, but lately I've been admiring some recent discoveries:

  • Novel Sans Pro (also Rounded)
  • Comenia Sans
  • Goudy Text CT (from Castle Type; OTOH I don't much care for the Monotype version)
  • LTC Metropolitan Italic Alt (a bit closer to Arrighi's original than Warde)
  • Poetica (esp. Poetica Chancery III)

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i love times new roman

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Good for you mageworld—

Just because MS Word made it ubiquitous does not mean that Victor Lardent did not create a solid, time-tested and appealing design…

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Times (New) Roman was designed for a particular purpose, and fulfills that purpose quite admirably. If you want to fit a relatively large amount of prose into a constrained space without overly sacrificing readability, aesthetics, or professionalism, it's a fine choice. (Or, as an acquaintance of mine put it, "In a two-inch-wide newspaper column, Times Roman is da bomb.") The main problem with it IMO is that it tends to be egregiously misused.

BTW I thought Stanley Morrison designed it?

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No, he merely excogitated it.

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