AlphaBattle 2.0 - Post your entries here!

dave bailey's picture is running AlphaBattle 2.0, check it out here:

Details are as follows:


February 15 – February 28 – submit the Letter A. On March 1, we will publish all of them.

March 1 – March 15 – submit the Letter B. On March 16, we will publish all of them.

And we’ll continue posting the dates as we progress.


• Submit a 600 pixel wide file (flattened, jpg, tif, gif) to lettercult at You can also upload to the Alphabattle Flickr 2.0 group. And while you’re at it, you can upload your letters to Nate’s LetterPlayground.

• Include a link to your site, if you’d like us to link.

• One submission per person per letter.

• You can make your letters however you choose, with one exception: Don’t use a font as a starting point…this is a site about letters you build from scratch. (wink)

• Keep it safe for work.

• Try to be original, in some way, shape, or form.

• Have fun.

• You can submit a letter after any deadline. We’ll still add it to the group.

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Here's my entry for A:

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I like your "B"!

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What did you use to make that C?

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A pen, scanner and Illustrator

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Dave Bailey: for the curious-minded (and that's pretty much everyone, amirite?_) I'd like some kind of explanation of your process for the letter "C". CS3? 4? 5? Was this a path trace filter? What did we miss? Thanks!

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Ophello: The actual letterform was drawn with a pen then scanned and imported into Illustrator. I did an auto trace, cleaned up the paths then merely copied and rotated the form, pasting behind each time. 1 degree at a time!

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Two more:



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Better late, than never!

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Nice work! What was your thinking behind the "O" design? (or why did you select this approach above any others?)

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Thanks! The O was inspired by a pattern I saw on a manhole cover, where the rain had puddled inside raised shapes. It hinted at black letter forms in my eyes, but retained strict geometry created by a grid of smaller shapes. The O could easily be 1 color, filled, but I liked seeing the different pieces make up the final form in an optical illusion of sorts.

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I like this P! :-)

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Thanks, riccard0!

Here's Q & R!

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