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Upstairs Downstairs Font

Upstairs Downstairs was a well regarded UK show of the 70s.... about an Edwardian family and their servants.

The titles were in a gourgeous 'period' lettering style.

Anyone know what it is?


My guess is it would've been hand-lettered. Banquet has similar letterforms.

Let me guess; your new typeface 'Eaton Place' to be announced next week.

You're obviously a big Anglophile, do you remember another British TV programme from the 60's; 'Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width'?


Pefectly true that Greater Albion is considering a typeface based on the Upstairs Downtairs credits-depending whether such a typeface already exists. Our searches haven't managed to turn up a typeface on whci they're based, which is encouraging for the the project being worth pursuing, but it occurred to us that one way of seeing if we'd simply missed an already existing face was to ask the question on here.

As to next week-sorry not that fast, as I say we're still considering the project and haven't actually started yet, and we do currently have several projects on the go. The name 'Eaton Place' is a good thought, which hadn't occurred to us-thanks very much for that.

I do indeed remember the doings of Messrs Cohen and Kelly, though personally I'm not sure that their credits are lettered in a very inspiring design:

The 'Q' is an interesting thought, however...