Gateway Logo / Geometric sans w/ double-storey a

Thanks in advance


You're welcome!

So let's cut to the chase; what's your question?

Vincent, since this is the Type ID Board, it is pretty clear what Huhgawz is asking. For my part, I’d appreciate it when we could do without the same old ‘Please help! Need to identify this font.’

Hi Florian,

My apologies, I was being a bit sarcastic.

And although I agree with your argument of skipping the "Please help! Need to identify this font.", I always liked the extra bit of info you mostly get when a type-Id request was made. And I also find it quite handy to know which roads the person who requested the ID has taken already (whatthefont etc) or what his/her guess is.

But to get back on topic: I haven't got a clue which font this is.

That’s true indeed, extra info is always welcome.

I think this is custom. Doesn’t ring a bell for me neither.

Custom made characters of the below ones:

Stymie Medium from Bitstream Stymie, or
Stymie Regular from URW++ Stymie, or
Stymie EF Medium from Elsner+Flake Stymie EF.

Font IDs are now done here: