(x) What Medieval Font is it ? / A Latin for French street signs - probably custom {Mike Y}


I'm looking for a specific font, see picture above, Its quite a wide latin but there are some differences...

I'm not sure it's a real font, but may be one of you have already seen it!

We have to continue the creation of new street panels & numbers and it will be a great help if we could find the full lettering!!

Thanks for any help !

Regards :)


few more http://sereg.free.fr/images/fonts/


The lettering looks hand-drawn. Notice the variations in the serifs on H and E letters.

I don't think this is a font, and it doesn't look much like anything I can recall.

- Mike Yanega

I agree with Mike. I don’t know if this of any help for you, but Jack Usine aka Jules Vernacular from SMeltery has done typefaces that look like they were inspired by similar idiosyncratic French lettering sources, see his Sans Merci, for example.