(x) Type ID / DIN-esque grotesque w/ single-storey a - Diseased Pen {R}

Anyone know the typeface in the attached sample?


I´d love to know myself. Anyone?

Maybe Reykjavik Sans, by PsyOps?


No, actually not, I just saw it, the single "a" character is different...

I have no idea, then.

Relevant by Mika Mischler and Nik Thoenen has a similar feel but differs in one or the other detail. It may be a customised version.

If I am not mistaken, ‘Strasse’ (instead of ‘Straße’) is a Helvetian spelling variant. The company with a ‘Kältezentrale’ may reside in Switzerland. This makes the use of a Swiss typeface for their signage even more likely. Can you say where these photographs have been taken, breckon?

Sure, it's a signage job by erwinbauer for the Novartis campus in Basel (right about the switzerland connection). I've asked them but no reply as yet, it's very similar to DIN 16 (and the thinner weights of Chevin at a stretch) - could be a bespoke typeface for the job based on DIN?

More similar rounded DINs from Switzerland (but no cigar):

Here’s the cigar, albeit not a Swiss one: The font used for the signage is Diseased Pen by the Austrian designer Janto Lenherr. It has also been used in the book Beyond Graphic Design, issued by a German publisher (see also this video on YouTube). Alas, I can neither contribute a decent specimen nor any information about the availability of the typeface.

Yes, that’s the one. Nice!
Diseased Pen came up twice before.

Diseased Pen will be available in about 3 months on http://www.7und40.com or maybe somewhere else.
I am just in the process of completely redrawing the letters, optimizing the kerning and adding OT features.

The typeface µ will be available soon too. It is optimized for very small sizes under 7pt.
Here is a small extract of the specimen:

Just for the sake of completeness I like to mention that besides the projects that were already named by you, Diseased Pen was also used for a magazin called Please Open in 2006 which is not available anymore and for the following art book: http://www.rosinahuth.de/index.php?/project/galerie-der-stadt-schwaz/

Hi Janto,
thank you very much for the extra information, much appreciated!

Very interesting, Janto — thanks! Please keep us updated about your fonts.

Brilliant resolution to the search! thankyou janto, it's a beautiful typeface.