Sans Serif complement for Athelas

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Hi everyone. As someone who aspires to go into book design I've been planning to buy a few good fonts and getting to know them really well. At the moment I was thinking of buying Athelas simply because I think the letters look very elegant, but I was wondering if I might ask for your opinions about matching fonts? It would be good to have a sans-serif that goes well with Athelas (maybe something like Whitney or Syntax?), but does anyone have any suggestions about that? As well as this does anyone have any thoughts about titling fonts?

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Your idea is good. Athelas seems to work very well with Whitney. Other sans I would consider are DTL Caspari and OurType Eva.

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Sorry for the self-promotion: but maybe Agilita with its long ascenders and descenders is a good match to Athelas.

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I don't think you can have a "matching font" in the abstract, without any idea of context.

Although I do agree with Juergen that vertical proportions are important, especially for the situation where you have a subheading or more critically a sideheading in bold sans, to go with serifed text. In that situation, the two faces should look "the same size" at the same point size.

And again, if you are mixing two faces in text, you should have the extenders similar in length, or else the leading will look too open or too tight, depending on which of the two faces is being looked at.

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Thanks to everyone who's responded already. It looks like there are some good typefaces here. I guess it is a little naive of me to look for the one true matching font for my library. I think I'll aim to get a decent sans-serif with similar proportions, then I can learn for myself when the typefaces work well together and at the end of the day I'll still have a good sans-serif whatever happens.

Thanks again for everyone's help (more suggestions and advice are always welcome).


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