(x) ugly Copperplate-y font is giving me fits - Lewisham {Mike F}

I have been seeing this font for years and years, cant believe Im having so much trouble with an ID. Serif, all caps, and the B and R middles are very distinctly slanted...help please?


I have a feeling that someone made this by converting Copperplate to outlines and changing the forms. Maybe I'm wrong.

Surely someone something unnominable to that poor S...
But the starting point is more likely something from FontHead.

I really doubt it's a manually modified Copperplate, the serifs are too different from Copperplate, and its actually used on a website:


For better or worse, that's Paul Lloyd's Lewisham.

I'll be damned, great job...how in the world?? Thanx much...

It is indeed my Lewisham, designed from scratch many years ago as one of my early experiements and not the least bit modified from Copperplate or anything from FontHead. I also cringe at the S, and indeed a few other things now, but I was very inexperienced and keen at the time! A good deal younger, alas, as well.....