(x) Chunky Slab, Small Counters - not too similar to an existing typeface {Tamas}

does this look like any existing commercial font. it's echoing but I can't place it.


St Mika is the closest I've been able to find.

thanks Atwe.

Are you now passing this off as your own creation?

An early look at what I hope ends up becoming an in-house font for a japanese-inspired lifestyle brand that I can’t yet name. I’ll show the full set of characters when it’s done.


of course it's my own creation.

i posted it here because the company in question said it looked familiar to him and
I wanted to find out if there was anything in the neighborhood before I built out a character set.



You could've phrased your question less ambiguously. I spent quite a bit of time trying to match your sample to a specific typeface.

i apologize for that Atwe. I should have known to describe this better.

Brian, if you feel offended by (the phrasing of) my question, I sincerely apologize.

Like Atwe I was under the impression that - like in almost every thread in thís forum - you were looking for a font based on a sample you had found. Not that you were checking if your design looked like anything out there.

i understand, but of course I'm offended. You would be, too.

I'd appreciate it if you'd edit your post.

Atwe, again, I apologize I wasn't more clear about this type ID.