New Release: Rue Display.

TypeTogether is proud to introduce Rue Display, an organic, casually ornamental, narrow-faced sans serif designed by Winnie Tan.

Rue's spirited and exploratory design is the materialization of a feeling about fonts as a family of organisms taking on a life of its own, in work and play. It was conceived as a typeface, used as an image and discovered as an ornament.

It comes in 10 weights of light, regular, medium, semibold and bold, each with italics.

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Fun and free living! Well done!

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It comes in 10 weights of light, regular, medium, semibold and bold,

That's five weights.

Bert Vanderveen's picture

I guess Italics count as a separate weight and why not?

Jongseong's picture

To my mind, calling italics separate weights is an abuse of the term, albeit one that is frequently encountered. Italics are separate cuts, but not separate weights from their roman counterparts with the same heaviness. Just my opinion...

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We have all made an editorial error in our lives

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Nick, your right of course. I changed the text on our website. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Veronika, I didn't know you had lived in Boulder!

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Winnie Tan herself a gifted graphic designer, created this beautiful poster featuring her typeface Rue Display. You can buy this poster in our [Bad link] or receive it for free with a purchase of the Coranto 2 Bundle. This is the fourth poster in a series of collectibles we will make available through our website.
See more pictures on [Bad link].

69x44cm, two-colour offset print over Munken Lynx 130gr paper.

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