(x) question: Starbucks VIA typeface - Ketchupa; Alternate Gothic 2 or Trade Gothic Condensed {Dan P, Rainer}

Hello! Can anyone ID the typeface used in these two screen shots?
Thanks so much!


I hope Starbucks paid for the fonts. I think P22 should have gotten a better deal out of them for the huge promotional graphics on the wall in every store.

P22? I'm pretty shure the font in these images is Ketchupa by Peter Bruhn/Fountain Fonts. I'm also pretty shure these are old samples and have been identified here before.

I agree with Ketchupa on »Cinnamon Dolce«.

»Ready Brew« looks like Alternate Gothic 2 at this angle. But it could also be Trade Gothic Condensed as said here.

Dan is right: Ketchupa was already identified here.

I was not referring to this font. I meant Cezanne. The only connection between the two is Starbucks.

Thanks so much for your help! I'm sorry for the double post, I should have searched the forum in advance.