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I have this small problem in font production.
I have normal and stencil version of the font.
They share the same metrics and kerning.

in indesign they are nicely over each other.
But problem is, when I print it to pdf from indesign, the fonts doesnt have the same position.
Please look at attachment.

I already set alighnment zones and basic hinting (standard stems) but it didnt help.

Thanks a lot for suggestions!


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Attachment failed.

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what font are you using?

you mean export to PDF from InDesign..
you have to make sure you include the fonts when exporting, because if you don't then InDesign creates a substitute.

make a copy of your InDesign-document so that you still have your text editable and the font is still a font.
in your 2nd copy-document you select your text and choose "create outlines" from the menu.
This makes your text into an "object" and you cannot edit the text.
Then you export and everything will look okay and as you want it in the PDF.

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This link may help: InDesign Secrets

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PDFs sometimes mess with line weights.
I've gone as far as to export InDesign files as
jpgs then make my PDF from that.
Crazy but it works.

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Thanks for suggestions.

I am developing a new font.
I attached the images again.

Making outlines did help.

But I think it should work even without creating the outlines and I dont know where the problem is.

i tried it in illustrator now>
pdf without outlines

pdf with created outlines

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