Is there a program to sync or convert font mappings?

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Is there a program to sync or convert font mappings?

I have some english fonts with sanskrit diacritics(TT and OT), created with different font mappings, which means that certain symbols used by one font appear as something different when the font is changed. I'm wondering is there a program that actually synchronize font mappings, or converts one font to match with the other one?

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I think, the problem can be solved by switching to the index mode in FontLab, saving the encoding in the directory, in which the encoding files are stored, and – the font that has a different glyph order opened – selecting the saved encoding in names mode. (You have to start FontLab again, after saving the encoding file.)

Alternatively you probably can decompile the font with TTX and replace the Glyph-Order-Table by one, that is your standard. But this requires, that only the order of the glyphs is different in your fonts, but not their names and not the number of characters. (Or the table, in which the Unicode points are defined. I think, they are not defined in the Glyph-Order-Table.)

Once again, I am amateur. Corrections are welcome, if I am mistaken.


The first alternative likewise requires same names in both fonts. And the font with the lowest number of glyphs should be used as reference. So I propose alternative 3:

You create your own FontLab name table in the directory "Mapping" and you define there PUA Unicode points for the characters, that have not standardized Unicode points.