(x) Help identifying "The Sun's" typefaces? Circa 1897? - Caslon, Encore, Laureate, similar to Ionic {Mark S}

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I hope it's in the right place. I am trying to identify the typefaces used in "The Sun" (NYC: 1835-196), the daily newspaper in which "Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus" first appeared in 1897. I am specifically looking for the body and headlines....school project here at California College of the Arts.

Here is an example a standard page, as preserved by Chronicling America:

An explanatory article of the "new" Sun's typography

And the wiki article about the paper:

The body text to be close to Bookman Oldstyle or even Clarendon, but I am TOTALLY stumped on the headlines.

Thanks everyone!

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Max, this should be posted in the Type ID Board. You'll get more help there. You could ask one of the moderators to move it.

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The large headline and subhead are cuts of Caslon. The middle headline is Encore and the bottom headline is Laureate. These are old metal typefaces and I don't know if there are digital versions. I can't tell what the body text face is, but it's some sort of newspaper face (something like Ionic, but older).

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Thanks everyone! I'll move it to Type ID! Sorry about the incorrect placement!

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I haved moved this thread and deleted the other one.

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