Inspired by Villu Toots calligraphy

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I posted this at the end of the thread that discusse naming a font after Villu Toots. Here are the same images. I'd appreciate any suggestions that would improve on my goals:

1) A calligraphic font that looks hand-lettered

2) Rough imperfect edges

3) Combining elaborate script upper case forms with more traditional lowercase calligraphy.

4) Give alternate character options to optimize the hand lettered look.

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Rob, this looks like it's going to be a wonderful typeface. I am very much impressed.
But you ask for suggestions, not for praise. Ok:
* You have a great Th ligature. Let's have a Wh as well ("Who").
* I think the regular a is not yet quite convincing, the little "ascender" irritates me.
* Similar: g and y. I'd prefer these as alternative forms not standard ones. (see "onyx", "jaunty")
* pp: I love the zippers, not the zappers.
* I suggest a rt ligature (see "advertiser", "smart", "quartz").
* The decorative Z crossing the following vowels in "Zebras" and "Zoomed". Purpose?
* The figures are still uneven: 1, 2 too small, 3 4 5 6 9 too big.
* alternative forms that do not connect lazy flowers and strawberry jam
* what about a qu ligature? the q appears in most languages mostly in that combination.
* t crossbar and y get a bit close in "jaunty".

I'm looking forward to seeing what becomes of this project.

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Thank you so much.... your comments are EXACTLY what I was looking for... suggestions, not praise.

I'll do the ligatures you suggested (fantastic idea), "Wh" "qu" "rt"

zippers is a pp ligature in the font... zappers shows two alternate p's

The "lazy flowered" and strawberry jam combinations were typographic decisions in the text on my part. I could have chosen alternates that didn't touch, but in my actual hand lettering and calligraphy, I'ill often make the decision to let words and characters overlap for design purposes-- it often prevents rivers from appearing in the overall texture.

The uppercase Z is a different issue. I may need to create an alternate that doesn't overlap the next character. Right now, if they don't overlap, there appears to be a kerning/spacing issue, so that's why I chose to kern them to overlap.

I'll modify the crossbar on the "t" alternate. I can't say I like it either.

The Oldstyle Numerals--- a weakness for me. I'm not used to making them, and not sure how. I'll play with it and let you know. I'm not thrilled with their overall design appearance anyway, so maybe this will be the largest of the revisions.

Thanks again, if there are things anyone else sees, please chime in.


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With your comments in mind, here are some revisions.

Revised the a, g, and y 'ascenders'

Revised the old style numerals.

Created a couple of Wh ligatures (one shown here).

I've created several "qu" and Qu alternates.

Added an rt and rf ligatures.

revised the t crossbar

Added another alternate Z (shown)

Other suggestions welcome.


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I like your work very much, and, yes, it's going to be a wonderful typeface.
Some letters still bother me:
- ligature Wh [narrower loop connecting W - h helps?]
- I like your previous lc q, narrower
- 5 is too wide
- lc f (amplfied), I would prefer with descender, like (fawn)
- UC F (Five) F without upper bar looks oddly\hard to read
- lc t (jaunty) is still to short
- UC B (Back) could be more inclined to the right
- UC U looks a bit like Y
The rest is OK for me.
I have a supplication: Can you make UC Z with stroke? It is the calligraphic version of [Zdotabove]. My surname starts with stroked Z...

Best wishes Rob

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Andreas and Janek,

I think this is finished. I have take your all your suggestions to heart and I have tweaked this to death. I ended up completely replacing all the Roman Caps (including inferior, superior and smart caps). I created some new uppercase flourished characters, and added several more lowercase starting and ending characters.

In all there are approximately 670 glyphs in the font, including the Z with stroke. :)

I even added a ROB face. Let's see if the pirates include that in their rip off.

If you see anything else, let me know, but I think I'm ready to stick a fork in this, because it's done.
Thanks again,


Where you see ascenders and descenders crashing... those can be substituted with alternates... I was just too tired to go on.

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Oh, by the way, I decided to call the font, ESTONIA. In case you missed that. :)

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I am looking for the oportunity to see some Polish text set in Estonia ;)
"ascenders and descenders crashing" I like some of that crashings: Breezily and bank, just and of...

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I don't know if the grammar is correct, as I used a Web Translator, but here is some Polish text. I'm glad you asked about it, because when I set this, I came up with some Kerning combinations that I hadn't thought of.

NOTE: the bottom swash C looks cut off at the top... it isn't. That's just how the screen shot appears.

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Polish grammar is too hard for web translators... Good source: (plus Eesti[Estonian] and many more).
BTW: Quotation in Polish starts with [quotedblbase] U+201E and ends with [quotedblright] U+201D.

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I told you I didn't know the language. haha

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Looks like a beautiful script. Nice work, Rob!

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