Franchise Bold - similar font?


I'm seeking a similar font to Franchise Bold - specifically with lowercase and scandinavian characters. Anything helps!

Thanks in advance,


Hi Candice,
what do specifically like about Franchise, and what is the intended application?
One option: Garage Gothic.

A couple of recent releases that might fit the bill:

Heroic Condensed


Another newish option:

Flama Ultracondensed

What I like about Franchise.. The subtle rounded corners, the condensed letters. I also like the distinctive s.

Garage Gothic is great, but it feels too retro I'm afraid. Bold is too thin and black is too thick, reminding me a bit of Poplar.

I'm seeking a font that will be used on posters and billboards.

Heroic is great. And I can't believe I forgot about Tungsten..! Thanks for the tip.

Any more suggestions that has slightly softer corners much appreciated too.