Looking for Logo Font : Men's Clothing Line

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Hey everyone, well I've got this project and I'd really appreciate your input.

I'm having difficulty finding a suitable font for a men's clothing line. The name is "ALEIXANDRE KORTABERRIA"

I'd really rather avoid any Didot because I think it's too common and feminine. I've included some examples of what I may be looking for below.



I like these sans serifs but the name I'm working with has so many letters that a plain font like that may just look boring and uninspired.

Well I'm open to any suggestions you might have.

Thanks in advance

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With a name that long, I'd consider avoiding all caps. Initial caps will probably be more legible and distinctive.

As for typefaces, have you considered slab serifs (Serifa, Rockwell, Stymie), or squarish (Eurostile, Breuer, Geogrotesque, Bank Gothic, Microgramma)?

BTW, the first link is dead.

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