Two dots at the end of a sentence?

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I couldn't find an answer in the Bringhurst. Maybe someone knows the correct answer. It's German related. Let me know, if the rule is only applied to the German language.

Should I get rid of the second dot at the end of a sentence if there is a dot before?

Auf dem Kalender steht Freitag, der 23.. Eigentlich waren wir aber für…

This looks really stupid to me. So is it allowed to get rid of the second dot?
What should i do?

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Don't know for other languages, but in Italian it must be removed.

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In English you would also remove a dot, should an abbreviation fall at the end of a sentence.

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Btw, there was a Hebrew poet, U.Z. Grinbgerg, who used two dots as an intermediate punctuation mark between ellipsis and full stop dot.

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