(x) Help With Font Please / script L and heart shape - probably custom {Mike Y}


I've been asked to create a new logo using this font and hopefully the heart shape too.

I've looked on myfonts.com and I think I've identified the L - as Biscotti OT, though not sure it's a perfect match? - the attached image isn't great

As for the heart shape - any ideas where to start looking or anyone know of anything similar?

Hope you can help?

Thanks in advance



I don't think Biscotti is the font, unless you found something else by that name. There is no ball terminal on the bottom stroke of that L, and the overall stroke and letter shape is not right.

I have been looking, but have not found a match yet for the L, and I'm starting to think the whole thing may be hand-drawn.

- Mike Yanega

Hi Mike, thanks for the reply - I think you're right about this one. I ended up going for a completely different font in the end. It was driving me mad trying to match it! - Best wishes - Brian