Quick font ID for small bitmap source image

source, which i’ve also included as an attachment: http://i43.tinypic.com/4ru5id.jpg

can anybody ID this font, or something that looks extremely similar to it? it’s like andale mono, but the corners seem a little more curved & i think the weight’s different.

i have a client who wants me to vectorize his tiny bitmap source, & he is no longer in touch with the original designer & has no larger source image.

[i tried to ID it using whatthefont, but the source is too small to yield much in the way of accurate results.]


Search on "Bitmap" at MyFonts with the word STUDIOS as the sample. You may see one that matches, but the letters are poor ones for making an ID. You can also search Dafont.com, if that doesn't work.

- Mike Yanega

I think Ladyships means "bitmap" as in "raster image", not as in "pixel font".
By the way, it sure isn't a monospaced font like Andale Mono.
You could find something interesting here:

This doesn’t look like a bitmap font (yes, it is a rasterized file, though).
Could be almost any modern sans. Do you happen to have more characters?

[edit:] Late! What Riccardo said.

the client has absolutely no other source images to give me—so, no more characters, & no higher res.

upon reflection, i feel like an idiot for suggesting andale mono. ugh. i was really tired that night.

[& yeah, i meant bitmap as in all i have to work with is that tiny raster image. i don’t know how you can get somebody to design a logo for you & not keep the source files...but, whatever.]

i tried absara sans, a&s sign gothic, & adobe pi std to no avail.

absara sans is the closest i’ve gotten so far, but the bottom & top of the D bulge too much, & the S still seems subtly off. the U & O is too wide too. any other ideas of fonts to try? i really want to avoid having to actually modify the letterforms’s paths in illustrator...that could easily lead to a night of being compulsive that i...am not really in the mood for at the moment.

i’m attaching a screenshot of my current situation in illustrator [absara sans tf medium regular, 15 pt & stretched horizontally a little.]:

p.s. looked more properly at the link you gave, riccard0—there are a couple in that list that look promising. will post back if any end up working out.