Typographic Video (Advanced Media at Arizona State University)

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Typographic Video was created by students in Advanced Media, a course in the School of Design Innovation at Arizona State University. For more context on this work-in-progress, see other videos from this class or read the official project description on the course syllabus. The video was produced by Amy Ashton, Angie Copolillo, Josh Davis, Garrett Fox, Princess King-Taylor, Jennifer Lane, Adam Martin and Paris Polcyn.


Typographic Video from Paris Polcyn on Vimeo.

We look forward your feedback.
Thank you.

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I think this is probably the strongest of the bunch, and as I said in the other thread, I find it very difficult to critique work that is created under such vague guidelines. I shall attempt to give some feedback, hopefully it will be useful...

I think the contrast between the type and the real world ingredients is too great, so when the quote is revealed, the viewer is not surprised because we already knew what was coming. There are several ways to go from here - the entire thing could be made solely from type like some of the Pes videos (where he uses unconventional objects in a conventional way), or the type and the ingredients are similar enough that the viewer never quite realizes that you are cutting up the items and making type from them until you get your quote at the end.

I'm actually pretty bad at motion design and probably not the best person to be critiquing the work, but since you were so nice in the other thread I felt compelled to respond. Hopefully there's something you can use from what I wrote for future projects.

Take care.

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