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Distance (Advanced Media at Arizona State University)

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Distance (Advanced Media at Arizona State University)

Distance was created by students in Advanced Media, a course in the School of Design Innovation at Arizona State University. For more context on this work-in-progress, see other videos from this class or read the official project description on the course syllabus. The video was produced by Amy Ashurst, Zachary Colman, Deny Diaz, Gloria Grant, Shelby Sandler, Matt Schafer and Paula Vasquez.


Distance from amy ashurst on Vimeo.

We look forward your feedback.
Thank you.

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I registered on Typofile just to comment on this.

Great: The creepy imagery, sounds and motion all complement each other very nicely. I was very happy that the snatched up words actually had a point to being taken away.

Bad: Please, please, please don't use Google images. That is stealing, even if it is only for a student project. I'm not sure exactly what images you used, but most schools have academic access for collections such as Getty and the like. If you try to use this project in your portfolio after graduation, someone might get a little irritated.

I was also a little jarred by the bright color of the legal pad paper at the end.

Other than that, great work!