TDC2 2010 winners

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EDIT: Nevermind the link (since it doesn't seem to work). Check out FontFeed's latest post.

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But what is the name of the statuette that type design winners receive?
The One Show has The Golden Pencil.
Is it a larger-than-life piece of type, the number one in gold?

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Now the first link IS working.

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The link does NOT work. Don’t know why, because a lot of blogs used this link before. So it was working before …

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It worked last night. So it was not official yet? :S
Ok, let’s wait.

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Works for me.

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Something funky at the TDC site, since it just fed me a 404 message. Seems like hit or miss.

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THis seems to work for me.

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Yes, but that's last year's :)

The new one previously worked for me too. Strange.

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maybe the announcement was too early

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Congratulations Cristobal. Espinoza looks very nice.


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Who are the TDC judges?

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The jury for TDC2 2010 were:

Gail Anderson
Gary Munch
Daniel Pelavin
Doyald Young
Dave Farey, chair

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Thanks, Paul! Hope it will be ready for sell very soon (working on that).

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Anyway, this year my favorite is Lavigne Display.

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I'm glad to see Ingeborg in the list. I think this is a firstrate type family: probably my favourite design to come out of the Reading MA programme.

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I am very pleased to see our Kazuraki among the winning typeface designs.

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Congratulations to the Winners! A lot of beautiful and interesting type.

I don't get Urbana Ldn, though.

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I must admit a fondness for Narziss.

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Thanks James. I just found out following the link to Yves article (which is quite good by the way).

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