(x) Tri Line help - Prisma {Seb}

Hello All–
Having a complete mental block today about a typeface I have previously used it on an invite and own it. It's a Tri Line face which isn't rounded so unlike Gala or Pump. Quite plain in a way with a bit of a 30s feel to it, condensed. I have seen it used before where a designer had knocked some of the lines out to create different versions of the face. Any help appreciated, driving me up the wall.


Are you maybe thinking of Prisma? http://moorstation.org/Koch_Memorial/dl/dl_02.htm

Prisma. That's it. Thanks so much.
Thanks as well Jan, had searched and looked at that but it was Prisma.

Glad I could help.

Prisma was on the third page of the Multiline styles (which oddly enough is Page 5). It's just above Gala.

But the main thing is you did get your answer.

- Mike Yanega