To Vendetta or not

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To Vendetta or not

Hi everyone, this is (I believe) my first post as a long time lurker on typophile. I was hoping to get a little advice from the experts because I've been struggling with a typeface decision on my own for too many nights now.

I'm working on a special edition of poetry for an "outsider" american poet named FA Nettelbeck as the next issue of my self-published magazine Four Minutes to Midnight. His poetry is dark, fragmented, violent, but always with a hint of beauty or at the very least release (think Bukowski/Burroughs). So, I've been trying to figure out what to set his words in and thought I had settled on John Downer's Vendetta. I like the elegant roughness (if that makes sense) of its letters, and in this context, they give a slight sense of malice (which I like). I also like that it's not a traditional poetry typeface, but still references them. But, I'm conflicted after doing a few print tests as it feels like a hard face to set well, is proportionally very small and I'm having a hard time finding a complementary sans.

My "default" book face is usually Solly, so I've tried it out and it looks nice, but it feels too warm and friendly. Another idea was to go with Sentinnel, to really reference the americana nature of his poetry, but I don't have a copy, so I can't really say (and again, I'm afraid it might be too warm)...

So, I'd still like to use Vendetta, and was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience on using it in the context of poetry, and if there are any suggestions out there for a complimentary titling face...

sorry for the long post, I've been thinking about this way too long before reaching out for help!

thanks in advance!