Which font management software do you prefer?

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I currently use Suitcase Fusion but am a little annoyed with it. I find it difficult to make sure that the correct fonts are activated, especially since I have multiple versions of various fonts. I'm wondering if FontAgent Pro or Font XPlorer are better? What do you all prefer and recommend?

I'm running Snow Leopard. Thanks!

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I don't like any of them. I am a type designer who is constantly dumping old versions and testing new ones so I have to stay barebones and just use Font Book. If you are a graphic designer, you will have different issues.

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Thanks for your replies.

To be more specific, I am a graphic designer and my main concern is keeping client's fonts organized in order to be certain that I am using the correct font for the project (since I have multiple versions of fonts with the same name). I also want to be able to meticulously classify and categorize my fonts. I've downloaded FontAgent and am playing around with it, but I'd be curious to hear what works for others.

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I'm pretty happy with X-Fonter from Black Sun. I think it's $35.

I have too many fonts to install, so I keep them in a folder in my documents, divided into many sub-folders. The X-fonter reads, previews, compares, installs and uninstalls quickly. It also displays special effects, but I have not much need for that.

Awhile back The Font Thing was my favorite and had superior comparison abilities. But it can't read Open Type and I don't think it was ever updated to do so.

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Linotype Fontexplorer X suits my needs.

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