(x) Can you ID the open slab serif extended font used in the initial caps? - Hellenic Wide {Jan}

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie to this forum. Can anyone help me identify the open, slab serif extended face used in these initials and numerals?

Thanks so much.



Can you see the jpg now?

Yup. Probably Hellenic Wide or similar.
For alternatives look at this thread:

Hi Carey,
check out Hellenic Wide and other similar wide slabs in this older thread.

2 Dumme, 1 Gedanke! ;-)


Wonderful. Thank you so much. I love that Interstate design with the ham hock.

I think it's definitely Hellenic wide, outlined. The numerals are just the same. Thank you so much. I love those other slabs as well. Perfect for mid century modern... I'm a happy Typophile convert. Case closed.