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I want to buy this typeface, but don't know who to get it from. I want the version used in "typographically speaking. the art of Matthew Carter." It has all the bits, SC etc. Anyone?

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It's from Carter and Cone.
Here's what it says on their website:

"Welcome to We're currently working on our website, and a new page will be available soon. Meanwhile, if you would like information about our typefaces, please call us at either 1-800-952-2129 or 909-244-5965, or send email to"

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Ahh, thanks a bunch. I will email them asap.

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I got mine from

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Galliard is my favourite font to read after I read it on Letters of Credit, I had seen it before but always so badly printed or used.

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I also like Galliard. I have Bitstream and Linotype versions, but would like to buy the CC version; however, I don't need all the package. Is there a way to buy specific fonts instead of the full package?

Furthermore, I hate the policy of buying before trying. I'm willing to have another blind go, but this has already cost me money I wouldn't have spent. Anyone knows if it is possible to actually try a typeface (say, just the roman) before buying?

Rodrigo de S

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why not ask mr carter himself? see john's post above.

some vendors may supply you with a specimen pdf on request, or even typeset some text for you and supply the outlines as an eps.

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Dear Geraint:

You are right, of course - it really is the obvious thing to do but it hadn't occurred to me!

Rodrigo de S

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I would be surprised if the CC version lines up exactly with other versions. The Bitstream version is closest to the CC Version, from what I understand. I think ITC may have done something with Carter's original proportions.

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Yes, I am prepared for that. The Linotype version is very different from Bitstream's (which I actually like much better). The CC version seems to stand somewhere between the two, perhaps closer to BS; so I'll be needing the experts. However, the small caps and the Titling from BS or even LT will do, I suppose. They are not that different from CC and, anyway, I only use small caps and Titling in headers, where difference will not be noticeable. I try to avoid bold, but Bitstream's is very attractive (as much as a bold can be in text setting). Anyway, if I use it, I again restrict its use to headers.

I hope I can get away with buying only 4 fonts (roman and italic osf and the experts).

Thank you for your advice.


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This is what Cherie Cone wrote to me:

"Now, on to ITC Galliard. Back in the seventies, when we were both at Mergenthaler Linotype, Matthew designed 4 weights of Galliard, each with an Italic version. They are the Roman, Bold, Black, and Ultra weights. Mergenthaler later licensed the design to ITC, and it became ITC Galliard. When he and I started Carter & Cone, he went back to his original drawings and added all the wonderful characters that we had never produced while we were at Bitstream (he and I were two of Bitstream's 4 founders). Anyway, we brought out the package of 11 fonts for Galliard Roman and Italic, and we've been trying to find the time to fill in with the other weights, but we do so much custom work that Matthew hasn't gotten back to that project. When people want the additional weights, we suggest going with the Bitstream version, which was produced under his direction."

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Yesterday a compared I specimen sheet of Galliard CC with Bitsream's: they are not completely alike, but the roman lowercase is very close, at least in overal proportions (the descenders are slightly modified and perhaps (I was comparing a printed sheet in a 1200 laser to a JPEG image) the serifs are a little different, too. The uppercase has slightly less space (but I think it is not more condensed), but otherwise it is the same. SO I think yes, they should work together. Linotype's is a rather different fount.

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If you go to a good newsstand and pick up a copy of The New Criterion, you can see what may be one of the best regular settings of Galliard CC, though they don't use quaint ligatures or ornaments.

I wish Galliard had some swashes. Luckily, FB Meno does a good job of providing those.

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> I wish Galliard had some swashes.

The Carter and Cone version of Galliard does have some swashed lowercase alternates.

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Another thing in the *complete package* (but be sure to ask Cherie) are tabular old-style figures. The package, as I remember, is has only roman and italic fonts. These are Type 1 format, so it takes multiple fonts to contain the characters an OT font would have.

Also think about the "Swedish" version -- it has a slightly different lower-case "f", which fits better with umlauted vowels.

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