(x) need help / 'slow clothing': bold sans (small) caps - Foundry Sans {Mike Y, Jürgen W}

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Hi everyone,
can someone help me with this one? its set in small caps i belive...

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Reminds me of Graublau Sans from Georg Seifert, but is clearly another face.

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It seems that there could be many candidates for this, partly because these words have very few helpful letterforms besides the S, C and G. There are 225 sans families with a roughly similar G style in my Sans Guide (so there are quite a few more in actuality, since that Guide is about 4 years behind, and Sans styles have been most popular text releases recently). Some of the closer choices: Absara Sans, Corpid (widened), Formata, Foundry Sans Bold, FF Profile, TheMix, or TheSans.

I think the three Lucas Fonts choices probably would be about the closest, especially the last two.

If you had more letters it might be easier to eliminate the wrong ones.

- Mike Yanega

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Definitely Foundry Sans.

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thanks eveyone for help!

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