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In this logo I use Bodoni Poster Italic font.
However, I don't have much experience working with classic linked typefaces.

1. I've changed a bit the default kerning so it feels homogeneous and works as logotype.
Does the rhythm of letters looks correct? (

2. It is TTF font, so it doesn't complete the links between letters.
So I built them manually. Are they correct? (

3. The opened link of "m" looked unnecessary, so I decided to cut it.
It became a little limping, so I compensated it by pulling the stem a bit lower.
I also fixed the kerning between "m" and "&". (
I've tried to decide what correct angle the cut should be according
to the cuts of "&" and "C". Is that ok? (

Thanks a lot for any help and suggestions!

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The K seems a little floating. Maybe you can try to join it to the l using the upper serifs.
Personally I prefer the first version, without the cutting of the m.
I also would join together C and o.

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You do know the Klim name is in use by another designer?

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riccard0: Thanks, I'll try that.
frode frank: I'm sure there are more "Klim" designers in the world.
However none of'em has the "&Co" as I do ;)

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Kris Sowersby have, which is pretty close.

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Quite lovely.

I wouldn't dock the tail on the m though. But if you do, think not only about the the angle of the other tails but also the termination height in relationship to the base line.

I'm being pretty very picky here but I might tighten the C and o VERY slightly if you don't join them.

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Love this font. My opinions:

Done pretty well with joining the 'lim' up, maybe could do with a bit of smoothing out.

I agree with Jennifer on docking the 'm' - dont do it. If you feel the need to, just cut a tiny bit of in order to have consistency with the terminal direction on the C and ampersand.

With regard to the 'K - l' kerning, you could try docking both serifs to bring them closer, or perhaps have the l serif pointing upwards and therefore slotting underneath the K? Just a thought..

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Jennifer E. Dahl: Thank you! I'll do that ('C-o').
MatteLooke: Thank you!
I feel the need docking 'm', but I'll do that slightly, as said.
Nuuh.. I didn't like the 'K-l' serifs linking.

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I think this works well. Is it me or does the C-o still need tightening?

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This is strange.. I'm also feel that, but everytime I try to tighten by ..nanometer, it looks just not correct.

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How about half a nanometer? ;)

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Or, instead of tighten them, what about joining them?

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riccard0: I don't like them joined
Jennifer E. Dahl: ok ok :) but only a half..

Thanks a lot to you all!

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Let me just nitpick. Why only connect 3 of the letters? It is a bold move and a little "tricky feathers". Does lim mean something specific? I might try to find a way to connect the K to lim and the Co as well. Leave the ampersand floating and visually joining the two.

If you are a type designer why use Klim? I'd think you'd want to set yourself apart.

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why use Klim

His surname is Klimenko, thus Klim&Co.

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Ah, thanks for pointing that out.
In that case it is a fun play on your last name. Can't hate on that.

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How about something like this?

I doodled with PhotoShop paths to do this, just to see if this works. C-o is still not that good, but otherwise you might want to try this.

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Connecting all the glyphs also hints at the fact that it is meant to be read as one word, or represents one word.

Tomi that is a good start for what I was thinking about anyway.

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> His surname is Klimenko, thus Klim&Co.

Clever. Even better than the Br&ing logo :)

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Also reminiscent of Kalman's M&Co

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Tomi from Suomi: It's a good idea and looks nice. However I feel better when the letters are "breathing" with spaces between 'em.
Miss Tiffany: I'm not a type designer, and not trying to compete with
As riccard0 said, Klimenko is my last name, and &Co is because I do projects with another professionals in our sphere:

By the way, the logo will always "change" and appear in different ways of visual effects and graphic design styles.

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