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I'm currently working on a wedding save the date for my friend and will soon be working on the invites. The save the date card uses all Phaeton as it's fairly simple with larger text. The invites, however, will have much more information and I'm thinking Phaeton won't be the most readable text font. As such, I was thinking of using it for the main titles and larger text and trying to find a suitable text font for the smaller stuff.

The feel of the wedding as best I can describe it will be organic, southern (American), elegant, old fashioned, yet modern.

Here is the link to Phaeton: http://www.veer.com/products/typedetail.aspx?image=UMT0000447

The save the date is actually similar in feel to the specimen there.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks


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I think you could find something suitable here:

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Hi Penn,

First, thanks for licensing Phaeton. I'd love to see the invites when they're done.

As for pairing suggestions:
If you are printing letterpress, then I think you have more options. If not, consider using a subtly distressed font to match. Check out Olduvai which has a similar finish and works well for text. Also, take a look at the users guide for Phaeton and contact me through typophile if that text companion would suit your needs (it has bold, italic and bold italic also).

These quality options might work well:
Metallophile (a rough futura) would be great I think
The (free) Fell types from Igino Marini would also compliment well I think.

These grouping at FontShop may also get your brain going:


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Thanks for the help! (My brain was stuck and I just needed a bit of help to dislodge it)

Randy — Great suggestions! (Of course, what else could I expect from the font's co-creator?) I love all these options; now I have lots of leads to follow. Once I get closer to designing the invitation I'll know more about what I want from the font and I'll be able to make a better decision then.

I will be letterpressing these myself at a local studio where I can rent press time. Were there options you think I could explore, since I'm letterpressing them, that you didn't mention above?

I'll attach the save the date as a pdf above as well, so you can see how I've used (and possibly abused) Phaeton.* It's not finalized — I'm still monkeying around with the top bit — so suggestions on that are welcome as well.


*Sidenote: incidentally, while scanning the new releases at borders the other day, I saw a rather hideous usage of it. It was stretched and curved so that I could hardly recognize it, but I'm certain it was Phaeton. If I can remember what book it was I'll be sure to send it along.

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Phaeton, that's some kind of horse-drawn buggy, I believe.
Sort of thing Harley Earl would have named a Cadillac in 1931.
If one pronounces it "Fee-ton", may it be spelled with a diphthong?

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This looks like it's going to be a fun wedding!

Re: letterpress -- I just was thinking that whats en vogue for wedding letterpress is a very deep impression for the "tactile" feel. If that is the case, i'd expect non-distressed fonts will be fine with phaeton since the overall feeling will be crafty anyways.

Re: hideousness -- well, quality paints do not a painter make. I would be curious if you do remember the title.

Nick, yes on the buggy. But they stole the name from the greek pantheon. Phaeton was the son of Helios. When he borrowed the keys to dads chariot he burned rubber a little too close to earth and Zeus smoked him with a thunderbolt. I've seen Phaeton, Phaëton and Phaëthon and indeed: Phæton -- but i can't speak to the correctness.

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I found the book: http://www.amazon.com/Venetia-Kellys-Traveling-Show-Novel/dp/030771456X

On second look I may have been a tad hyperbolic about its hideousness, but clearly some bad choices made with such a gorgeous font.

Getting closer to the invites, so I'll let you know what we decide for the text font. Thanks again for your help.

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Archive Type Fonts could also work

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Printed the STDs — here they are for those who are interested

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And congrats to Stephanie and John.

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Great suggestion, Randy!!

I have the same question for web fonts. What, according to you would be a serif and a sans-serif companions for a website? I am using Phaeton as main branding fonts and want to use a serif and a sans-serif font for body text/heading and meta items text respectively.

Thanks in advance!

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