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Hello all,

Below is a logo about which I'd like to get your professional opinions. Many of the letterforms were redrawn and I'm now too close to it to see its inconsistencies. I'm looking for any constructive recommendations about refining the details (stroke width consistency, kerning, etc.)

Stylistically speaking, the logo will not be changed, but I suppose I could hear any related comments there, too.

Thanks kindly,

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Not a professional opinion, but the leg of R looks foreign in the otherwise geometrical set of characters. Also O-N is kerned too loosely.

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I like this type a lot. It has a nice soft and stable character. It's true that "R" has a curved tail, but that puts a special twist into it. I like it. But... The only thing I don't like is the length/width of this logo. So you could ask yourself this:

Do both words have equal importance or should one be more emphasized/remembered?
Is the company doing any everyday stuff not just innovating?


You've probably guessed where these questions are taking. I think that word "innovation" has a lesser meaning. But I may be wrong. Even though if they don't bare the same weight, what can you do? Can you change one of the two in a way so it won't become disturbing and unpleasant? I think you can. But make sure you don't create a seen-it-before logo out of it.

If both words will stay the way they are right now, you could put one over the other to make your logo narrower.

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Thanks for your feedback, guys.

@apankrat I can't believe I overlooked the kerning of O-N. Thanks for pointing it out! : /

@litera There is a stacked version of this logo that gives less significance to "Innovation", but for the purposes of this evaluation, I wanted to show all the letterforms at equal size.

Great! Please keep it coming!

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Is this so bad that no one dares to give honest feedback, or did it simply get lost in the depths of the site because it's not on the homepage anymore?

; )

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Maybe your question was too vague. Maybe you should ask better questions? So if you needed kerning suggestions you should as that. FIRST.

The other possibility is that people think you've made it ok.

And BTW: I don't think anyone looks at homepage alone. Your post is high and visible in Logo area anyway.

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Maybe we can see the logo applied different places? Right now it looks great to me.

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