(x) Wood type alternative / bold condensed grotesque - various suggestions {gang}

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I think type ID is the right spot for this, though I set it myself with an alphabet from withoutwalls.com.

Now the client wants to see it in a real typeface. Does anyone know of any that are similar? At least in weight and height? I love this but there's just no way they'll go for it unless it's a font.

Thank you! I

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Champion and Knockout from H&FJ are based on wood type like this.

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I digitized one fairly close to that:



At large sizes, though, nothing beats the real thing (or the photographic facsimile of it).

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Try Knockout from H&FJ.

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Ohh, what bad luck! H&FJ is down right now! Champion does look like it might work.

Goshen is super close, but I need something a little taller, a little straighter, a little more uniform. Any ideas? Unrealistic deadlines are looming!

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Take a look at Enge Holzschrift from Dieter Steffmann.

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Enge Holzschrift is really nice, the R is spot on. Does anyone have strong feelings for Grot Rough? I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's just not as interesting as the original.

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