Nori: Ligature suggestions for this new script

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Hi Everyone:

I have been working on a new script similar to Fugu. Where Fugu was very relaxed and informal, there is a bit of attitude with Nori. It is a bit more expressive,

much more activity and movement with the brush this time—each lowercase letter has at least 2 alternates if not more, each uppercase letter has an oversized more energetic alternate. I am at the point in my process where I start compiling my selection of ligatures...some I have already brushed out, some I will compile digitally and others I will go back and produce... I started with the usual suspects but wanted to keep it unique and thought I could turn it over to the type-obsessed community for suggestions and advice... to make it more fun, I thought I'd offer up a free license of the completed font to a randomly selected 'contributor' through, twitter, facebook and typophile forums...

Bear in mind, I am completely open to suggestions regarding the look, feel, flow of this typeface.

I will supply a few screenshots, please let me know what you think and what you would like to see.



I am including attachments of the primary and alternative character set and a small passage set in the primary character set.

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You could probably start by adding an pairs that you natural ligatate (?) with your handwriting.


maybe even:


es (in your sample there is a large gap)

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This is my suggestion: don't use any ligatures at all. Instead, use variant letters that connect in intelligent ways and use contextual substitution rules to implement them. This is much more efficient than making dozens or hundreds of precomposed ligature glyphs.

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thanks to both of you.

I think I might try to marry John's idea while at the same time attending to necessary pairs. Even though I know contextual alternates could handle much of this, I am not confident in the available applications out there fully supporting calt.

thanks again!

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So put the contextual substitutions in the liga feature.

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