Quirky Serif Font used by Jonas Williamson – Kumlien Text

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can anybody help me sourcing this quirky, but nice serif font? it's been used by jonas williamson in combination with other very nice fonts.
http://www.jonaswilliamsson.com/ (click the second project)
the combination: http://www.jonaswilliamsson.com/img/projects/900x600/the_reader_fonts.jpg

i've tried whatthefont, but no useful results.

thank you!

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There's something familiar about that odd 'g' and the sort of spiky serifs, but I could not find this in my Serif Guide. I'm not sure where I saw this before, but it will bug me now.

- Mike Yanega

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i guess sometimes it'd be easier to just ask the designer, but then i imagine myself getting a mail like this. i'd reply nicely, but still not know what to think of it.

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so i asked him and it's KUMLIEN TEXT by Torbjörn Olsson, a digitalization of Kumlien Antikva by Akke Kumlien (Klingspor, 1943). I was searching the net, but couldn't find it for sale anywhere ...


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