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Hi, I have spent a couple of weeks looking at the site and forums etc and found a lot of interesting and useful information. But now I need some help and thought this would be a good place to start.
I am making a piece for a Uni project on the history of punctuation.
I want it to be all about the style of writing using appropriate fonts for each period of time. But I am stuck with the layout.
I only have 6 small paragraphs of text, and they are small. But have pictured this as a long narrow print with lots of white space. I am really struggling to find anything to help me with the layout of this.
Any advice/suggestions I can go to the library with would be much appreciated.
I have included an image of my first attempt I am aware I may need to change a few fonts and simplify the 'C's' in the background. But any advice/critisism gratefully recieved.

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That did not go well ;p
Here's a link

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