The Future of Reading: A Symposium at RIT

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The Future of Reading Symposium
Rochester Institute of Technology
June 9 –12, 2010

Keynote talks by Margaret Atwood, award-winning author,
and Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief, “Wired” Magazine

Join us in Rochester, New York for provocative and challenging presentations by world-class authors and experts in writing systems, content creation, linguistics, vision and cognition, typography, and visual media that all seek to answer the question: “How will reading change?”

Register now! $295, includes meals.

Speakers and panelists include:

Margaret Atwood - internationally acclaimed author of speculative fiction
Chris Anderson - editor of Wired magazine
Robert Bringhurst - book designer, typographer, and author of "The Elements of Typographic Style"
Johanna Drucker - book artist and author of "The Visible Word: Experimental Typography and Modern Art, 1909-1923"
Katherine Hayles - scholar of literacy and author of "Writing Machines"
Kris Holmes - designer of Lucida for Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows, as well as Isadora, Apple Chancery, and 100 other fonts
Richard Lanham - author of "The Electronic Word: Democracy, Technology, and the Arts"
Jon Orwant - engineer and manager of Google Books search
Denis Pelli - vision scientist focused on reading and recognition
Amit Ray - RIT professor and scholar of authorship and textuality in the modern digital world
Dennis Tedlock - anthropologist, folklorist, translator, and author of "2000 Years of Mayan Literature"
Massimo Vignelli - world renowned designer who has shaped the look of the modern world
David Berlow - designer of more than 100 fonts for America's leading magazines and newspapers
Charles Bigelow -typographic scholar, designer, and RIT Cary Professor of Graphic Arts
Kevin Larson - cognitive psychologist focused on advanced reading technology at Microsoft
Steve Matteson - designer of fonts for Google Android OS, Barnes & Noble nook, Microsoft Xbox, and other devices
Roger Remington - RIT Vignelli Distinguished Professor, scholar and author on modern design
Tom Rickner - designer and font engineer for Ascender, Apple, Microsoft, HP, and other firms

Additional speakers and panelists will be announced on the RIT Future of Reading website.

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