Dezcom is proud to announce the release of the Dez Boulder family

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March 22, 2010

Dez Boulder is a Strong-Brewed OpenType display face with Multiple Personalities.

Dezcom Typefaces is proud to announce the release of "Dez Boulder," a rock-on typeface with three personalities on display.

The Dez Boulder family of display faces acts in a supporting role to give meaning to message and context to content. It is a very bold face, not understated. Each of its three personalities (and their sub-personalities) have a different timbre to speak the nuance of your message in a bold voice. Dez Boulder works like a character actor, presenting the author’s lines but not with the deadpan delivery of a news reporter. Boulder develops the role, adding meaning through facial expression, gesture, and body language.

A bold and character-rich display family in three personalities: ego, id, and alter, each with its own way of acting—Dez Boulder averages more than 800 glyphs per style with uppercase, lowercase, small caps, proportional lining figures, small cap figures, superiors, inferiors, fractions, stylistic sets, alternates, ordinals, case specific punctuation, and more. It has a full range of diacritics and covers all European languages using the Latin script.

Copyright 2010 by Chris Lozos and Dezcom

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Thanks Craig :-)

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Congrats, Chris!


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Great Chris!

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Great job, Chris. All your work on this really shows. It has so much "flavor" and still is beautifully balanced and polished. Congratulations!

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Isn't "Boulder" the Brtish spelling for "Bolder"? ;-)

Many congratulations for a great work!

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Congratulations Chris. Well done as always. Bravo!

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Great work, Chris. Great name too.

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Excellent, charming. congrats.

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Congratulations Chris!

I really like this:
Dez Boulder works like a character actor, presenting the author’s lines but not with the deadpan delivery of a news reporter.

And this:
Boulder develops the role, adding meaning through facial expression, gesture, and body language...

...line of action -- and we have animation :)

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DAM good work, Dez!!! I especially like the Alter variation!

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Thank you all for your kind remarks!

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Using the MyFonts sample generator:

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Powerhouse stuff Chris!
I'm assuming this is the Regular; can we expect a bolder Boulder?

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Thanks, Vladimir and Nick!

Nick, the bolder version is only visible under black light so it will be a hot item for the Disco crowd :-)

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Sterling job, Chris, congrats!

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Congratulations sir.

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Not another bloody sans! Seriously, this is great work. Very nice stuff, well done.

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These are absolutely fantastic. I hope that you will continue to share with us the new creations that you come up with. Thank you so much for sharing and I am going to send my friends here to check it out.

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Thank you, Graham! I am honored, especially after seeing your incredible calligraphy!

And thank you, Paulie! I hope your friends like it as well.

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Hope some of my German speaking friends can check the German on this?

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Gepflasterte Straßen (plural) erfordern Fettdruck.


Eine gepflasterte Straße (singular) erfordert Fettdruck.

But I don’t understand the meaning of the second phrase. What do you mean? On the other side both phrases are good as they are, because they have a certain charm. "Schrift" is an artificial verb in the second phrase.

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Many thanks, Arno!

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First day on the "Hot New Fonts" list :-)

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Amazing font! Congratulations, Chris.

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Thanks, Igor!

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Many thanks to Filip BlaÏek of for promoting Dez Boulder as "Typeface of the Week" on his site!

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Also, Thanks to SLANTED Magazine for their generous announcement of Boulder:

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Give your public relations guy a raise!

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When you are a one guy shop, all you can do is raise a cheer for those who graciously do PR for you on their own! THANKS, kind people of the World!

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Really nice to see all the attention for Dez Boulder. Well deserved!

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Thanks to you as well, Jos!

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cool :-)
exactly what we were looking for :-)

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Thanks, Don!

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Rising fast to #20 on Myfonts hot new fonts list :)

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Thanks, Bill! Didn't make the March Rising Stars announcement, though :-(

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The magma version should be melted, Dez Boulder Rounded.

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Chris, in lieu of a dedicated Boulder forum at Typophile, you could start your own website for Boulder, (like Carl does for his typefaces).
Too bad someone beat you to the URL :-)
And this too!

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Chris, you always have good idea to show up your typeface. This one is also a good one. Well done!

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Thanks, André.

It is an old family photo of my older brother and me taken in 1946.

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