(x) Playful font ID - Love Ya Like A Sister {Mike Y}


Since I can't insert or attach any kind of image, I choose to copy/paste a link to the font in question:


It's the one used on the main menu (Elenco Capitulos Música, etc.)


Q™ says: It's all about the fonts...


I have a feeling this may be a freebie font, but a font that is similar is [[http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/sparkytype/billy-serif/|Billy Serif]].

- Mike Yanega

Yes, it was a freebie. It's [[http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/13842?text=noticias|Love Ya Like A Sister]] by Kimberly Geswein, who does some nice free fonts.

- Mike Yanega

Mike Yanega, as always, very precise, very accurate, very fast!!

Thanks Mike!!